Beaver County Christian School
Biblicaly Grounded for Life


Photo for Barr, Dorthea
Barr, Dorthea
Music Teacher/Band Director
Beckhusen, Molly
Director of Advancement
Photo for Bosch, Ethan
Bosch, Ethan
PE & Health Teacher
Photo for Brubaker, Amanda
Brubaker, Amanda
School Staff/ Librarian
Photo for Bruck, Valerie
Bruck, Valerie
Photo for Buck, Andrea
Buck, Andrea
MS ELA Teacher
Photo for Callahan, David
Callahan, David
K-8 Principal
Photo for Caruso, Geralyn
Caruso, Geralyn
Kindergarten Teacher
Photo for Chapoloko, Krista
Chapoloko, Krista
Reading Specialist
Photo for Dinsmore, David
Dinsmore, David
HS Teacher
Photo for Dodd, Matt
Dodd, Matt
HS Teacher
Photo for Donaldson, Kathryn (Katie)
Donaldson, Kathryn (Katie)
Music Teacher
Photo for Eaton, LuAnn
Eaton, LuAnn
MS Science Teacher
Photo for Everett, Sandi
Everett, Sandi
Administrative Assistant
Photo for Francona, Melissa
Francona, Melissa
Photo for Gallo, Christine
Gallo, Christine
Director of Learning
Photo for Guevara, Laura
Guevara, Laura
First Grade Teacher
Photo for Hills, Michelle
Hills, Michelle
Classroom Aide
Photo for Homsher Lichius, Gayle
Homsher Lichius, Gayle
K-8 Art Teacher
Photo for Johnston, Nicole
Johnston, Nicole
Director of Advancement
Photo for Kinney, Rachel
Kinney, Rachel
MS Bible & History Teacher
Photo for Knabenshue, Carolyn
Knabenshue, Carolyn
K-5 Learning Support
Lee, Kristin
Admissions & Recruitment Coordinator
Photo for Lunow, Ginger
Lunow, Ginger
Third Grade Teacher
Photo for Marocco, April
Marocco, April
Photo for Mayer, Valerie
Mayer, Valerie
Photo for McChesney, Sarah
McChesney, Sarah
Business Manager
Photo for Michalik, Lisbeth
Michalik, Lisbeth
Athletic Director
Moll, Amanda
k-8 SEL Counselor
Photo for Necaster, Sarah
Necaster, Sarah
Photo for Nelson, Jared
Nelson, Jared
Photo for Nickels, Luanne
Nickels, Luanne
Teacher's Aide
Photo for Noyes, Jeffrey
Noyes, Jeffrey
HS Teacher
Photo for Oosting, Naomi
Oosting, Naomi
Guidance Counselor
Photo for Phillips, Sandy
Phillips, Sandy
Learning Support
Photo for Polka, Molly
Polka, Molly
Fifth Grade Teacher
Photo for Raver, Connie
Raver, Connie
Photo for Scott, Sara
Scott, Sara
Administrative Assistant
Photo for Smith, Pamela
Smith, Pamela
Classroom Aide
Photo for Stroupe, Heather
Stroupe, Heather
HS Teacher
Photo for te Velde, Charity
te Velde, Charity
MS Learning Support
Photo for Van Nest, Sam
Van Nest, Sam
High School Instructional Aide
Photo for Warden, Steven
Warden, Steven
HS Teacher
Photo for Wellendorf, Steve
Wellendorf, Steve
Head of Schools/HS Principal
Photo for Witterman, Rachel
Witterman, Rachel
Fourth Grade Teacher