Beaver County Christian School
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Support BCCS

The BCCS community appreciates support of all kinds. Prayer support of those who love BCCS is very important.  The history, legacy, heritage, and family of BCCS only exists by the grace of God, and we give him glory.  Likewise, we continue to ask for his blessings and direction as we pursue a strong future in the Beaver Valley.

Volunteers are a blessing to our community!  From manual labor to administrative projects to teacher support, if you would like to give your time and energy, we would be grateful.  If you are interested in volunteering at BCCS, please contact the school office to discuss options.

While the majority of BCCS' funds are derived from tuition, we also rely heavily on tax-deductible gifts from donors. These donations are made in the form of flat contributions, fund raising, grants and endowments. Gifts are received from businesses, school families, alumni, churches and friends of the school.  These gifts help keep BCCS tuition affordable.