Beaver County Christian School
Biblicaly Grounded for Life

Specific Needs

Many of our donors give to our Annual Fund.  An undesignated gift that comes to the school will be applied to that general fund and then allocated to our budget.  In addition to generally supporting the budget, there are items that we desire to purchase for which our budget will not currently allow.  In the event that you are drawn to support specific needs, we have listed some below.  If we receive designated gifts for the following items, we will allocate the funds accordingly.  However, any funds beyond the required amounts will simply be redirected to the Annual Fund.

West Park Campus (Grades K-8)

Two of our rooms at West Park still have very old, single-pane, glass windows which stretch the span of an entire wall.  Those should be replaced with safety glass windows that have better temperature control and glare protection.
Approximate Cost:  $7,000 for the regular room and $14,000 for the multi-purpose room

Merriman Campus (Grades 9-12)

The Merriman Gym is used for assemblies, devotions, the annual musical, and many other activities.  A designated gift was given to BCCS in the past which allowed us to begin replacing the folding chairs that had been heavily used and were nearing their end.  But we still need more chairs to complete the process of refurnishing the gym with comfortable and stackable chairs.
Approximate Cost: $100 per chair

Both Campuses

As we review different curriculum subjects each year, we often need to obtain new textbooks or supplemental materials.
The cost for this can vary from year to year.