Beaver County Christian School
Biblicaly Grounded for Life

Why Should You Support Us?

God's Word teaches us to be stewards of the resources with which he blesses us.  As you consider the many organizations that you would like to support financially, we trust that God will guide you in your decisions.  Know that we would be grateful for any gift you send to BCCS, no matter the size.  We are thankful for the generosity of our donors, as they give according to God's lead.

A gift to BCCS is an investment in the lives of children and teenagers, the future leaders of our community and country. As BCCS faculty and staff pour into the lives of each student, they are working to accomplish the mission of raising up students who are "Biblically Grounded for Life". 

Your contribution, unless otherwise specified by you, would be added to the Annual Fund.  This fund is used to cover all of our budgeted needs: teacher salaries, educational program expenses, utilities, technology, equipment, and more.  While most of the Annual Fund is derived from tuition, approximately 15% comes from the generosity of alumni donors, business sponsors, community partners, and people like you.

The ability to meet our budget goals is a blessing, and we are grateful when God provides through friends like you.  Your willingness to help further the cause of Christian education at BCCS enables us to continue to impact young people in Beaver County, investing in the future of this community and our country. 

Thank you!